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Why AddTraffic?

AddTraffic™ provides a social media automation platform that methodically promotes your content to the audience where it will provide the greatest impact and results.

Based off the teachings of Bill Hillestad, AddTraffic™ is the culmination of 30 years of marketing, consulting, and coaching of thousands of loan officers, realtors, and clients across a multitude of industries with their social media marketing—all rolled up into one simple, easy-to-use and affordable package.

AddTraffic™ is innovation at its finest. It's a solution that automates key elements of Bill's marketing consulting service, so clients can tap into decades of marketing expertise at a fraction of the price.

















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“I'm just a marketing nerd always searching for game changing innovation. These days, that happens to be social media. Done correctly, it is like a knob you can turn for all the business you want.  In my 30+ years of marketing, I have never seen anything remotely as cost effective. And it can be done by anyone! My mission with AddTraffic is to drive social success for people and brands that aspire to be true influencers in the marketplace.” 


Bill Hillestad

What people have to say about Bill's marketing methods:

Dave Savage .jpeg

Dave Savage
Founder, Mortgage Coach 

Bill Hillestad is a genius marketer. When it comes to using Facebook to generate leads and create personal brands, I don't know anyone better. 

Bill Dallas .jpeg

Bill Dallas
President, Finance of America

I have had the pleasure of working directly with Bill and he can be a difference maker in any company. His knowledge of social media, marketing, and lead generation is unmatched.

Barry Habib .jpeg

Barry Habib
CEO, MBS Highway

Bill Hillestad is one of the most brilliant minds in marketing that I've ever met. He always manages to be ahead of the curve in a meaningful and articulate way.

bill hart .jpeg

Bill Hart 
National Leadership Coach, Movement Mortgage

Uber marketing genius. How else do I describe Bill? His mind works faster than anyone else I know. Bill is the man when it comes to bleeding edge strategies that get results. If you're fortunate enough to spend time with Bill, take good notes, you'll be glad you did.

Cindy Ertman .png

Cindy Ertman
CEO, The Defining Difference

Bill Hillestad is not only one of the brightest guru's I know, but he has an understanding of Facebook that I've never found another human to embrace. To call him a marketing expert does not do him justice.

tim braheem.jpeg

Tim Braheem
Originator, Speaker, Coach

It's very simple. I would not have achieved anywhere near the levels of success as an originator if it were not for Bill Hillestad being my marketing and personal marketing guru. He is simply the smartest innovative marketing expert I know.

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