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  • Can't I just boost my own posts?
    Sure! It just won't be as effective, plain and simple. Boosting requires you to put extra time into each post, and the standard Facebook targeting still won't reach the right people. We make sure all of your content reaches the right people, at the right time, at your set budget.
  • Can I generate leads with AddTraffic?
    AddTraffic is a secret weapon for professionals looking to brand themselves and become the "digital mayor" of their market. It goes without saying that phenomenal branding and recognition can inevitably lead to better business, but AddTraffic is not a "lead gen" service in itself.
  • I'm not a social media expert—will this be difficult to use?
    We may use a lot of social media marketing jargon, but don't be fooled—using our products is incredibly easy. If you know how to go on your Facebook page and post something, you have all the skills you need to benefit from AddTraffic.
  • How much will I need to spend to promote my content?
    Depends on how many people you want to reach. Our clients' social budgets range anywhere from $100-$10,000/month, and we can recommend the best budget for your business goals in a comprehensive onboarding session.
  • Will I need to post specific content?
    With AddTraffic, every post gets promoted automatically—no special content required! Our technology works for every industry and social strategy. However, if you struggle to come up with new content, or just want some pointers, we have A LOT of content trainings you can learn more.
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