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AddTraffic Glossary

What's a "rule"? Who are you "retargeting"? Here's a cheat sheet for all of our AddTraffic lingo. 

Typing on the Computer


Your audience is the specific group of people you want your content to reach. Every time you create an ad or boost a post on social media, you have to determine which "audience" you're targeting. Learn more about the specific audiences we build.



When it comes to social media, "engagement" is the term for any action taken on your posts or page. when someone likes your post, shares your post, views a video, or clicks on a link or photo, they're "engaging."


"Fans" is our term for people who have shown interest in your content, usually by watching a video or engaging with a post. Your "Fanbase" is your most valuable audience, and you can continue to grow it. 


You'll often hear, "nurture your Fanbase." That means posting regularly and making sure your fans see it, so you can grow more familiar and stay top of mind with the people most likely to do business with you. 


Also referred to as a "campaign rule," this is what we use to promote your posts automatically. Every "rule" we set up has a set budget, duration, audience and objective. 


We retarget social users in order to grow and nurture your Fanbase. As soon as someone watches a video post or engages, we can add them to your Fanbase and retarget them with future posts. 

Special Ad Category (SAC)

A "Special Ad Category" is a Facebook classification for ads linked to housing, credit, or job opportunities. Facebook limits targeting options on these posts to prevent discriminatory practices based on user demographics. 


"Suspects" refer to people who are most likely to be interested in your content based on their interests and/or demographics. Once a "suspect" views a video or engages with your content, we consider them a "Fan" and continue to retarget them.


A "trigger" is a hashtag or word that initiates an auto boost "rule" anytime you include it in your post caption. You can let us choose hashtag triggers for you, or make up your own. 

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