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Bank Statement Loans

Bank Statement Loans

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How would you like a mortgage based on the cash flowing through your bank accounts rather than your taxable income? Getting self-employed entrepreneurs and investors the mortgages they deserve is my passion, and I would love to show you exactly what’s possible.

What could you qualify for based on your cash flow and bank statements instead of your taxable income? Higher amounts, lower rates and better loan programs, perhaps? Working with self-employed borrowers is my speciality, and I would love the opportunity to show you what's possible with the right loan officer.

The best way for most self-employed individuals to qualify for a mortgage is based on the cash flow running through their bank accounts. If you want to find out what you could qualify for based on your cash flow, let's talk. Call, email or Facebook message me to learn more.

If smart business owners minimize their taxable income, why do the dumb ones qualify for better mortgages? Okay, maybe that's a little harsh, but seriously—if you're sick of being judged on your taxable income rather than the money flowing through your bank accounts, I can help.

Seriously, some of the most successful people I know are all self-employed and most of them do a great job of minimizing their taxable income. Those should be the BEST borrowers a bank could ask for, not second-class citizens with minimal options. Luckily, some common sense is returning to the mortgage universe and I am now able to get people mortgages based on the cash flow through their bank accounts instead of their taxable income.

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